Music…. food for the soul

There are so many videos that I could post, all of which bring something special with them. Without music life is empty and motionless. Some songs can bring one to tears others can inspire, others fill you with energy. The emotion of music has always been a powerful force in my life, spending many nights at punk and hardcore gigs being pounded by the vibrations cast at you, having your eardrums shattered. Although not as energetic as I once was I still manage to make my way to the occasional gig


Wildlife rescue

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A few wildlife rehabilitation and rescue photos. Due to various reasons I’m not doing a lot of work with animals. When spring returns I may be doing some work with snakes again but I currently don’t have the facilities to care for injured animals unfortunately.


So where does one start? What does one write about? I guess this is just a place to dump my thoughts and somewhere to vent my frustrations. Will it interest anyone? Probably not but oh well, time will tell. My life isn’t really that interesting but I guess life occasionally leaves me with an interesting story. I think a new keyboard will help, this one is crap! My hobbies and interests tend to become a talking point at times. The picture is just a random spider (Golden Orb) I came across that I thought was interesting.Image