The Surly has Arrived!!!


The Surly frame has finally arrived! The start of a new love affair. Now comes the process of gathering bit and pieces and assembling it into something rideable. Which I must admit I do enjoy and find it a little exciting.  Having spent quite a lot of time when younger working on bikes and modifying them into something lighter and better I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to assemble this beast myself, but I’m rapidly finding technology has changed, or perhaps I’m delving into more advanced technologies than what was used to dealing with on the bottom end BMXs of younger years. Fortunately the place supplying the frame (commuter cycles) have been more than helpful in assisting with the things I don’t have the tooling to do myself. They were kind enough to press in an FSA headset and clean up the brake mounts and the bottom bracket threads.

So now to go on a shopping frenzy and hopefully the bits and pieces will arrive before I have to go back to work.


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