Construction complete….. Almost

IMAG0982So the new relationship begins… There’s still a bit of fine tuning to be done but the new bike is essentially complete. I’ve been a little slow in posting an update, real Life has been getting in the way lately, this photo was taken a few weeks ago. The Jagwire brake cables arrived the other day but I think I’ll wait to change the cables over until I know which baggage option is chosen for the bars.

As for a ride it’s fantastic, it rolls along nicely, it won’t break any land speed records but it cruises along nicely. The bags and frame on the back and the 2.4″ tyres add a bit of weight so it’s not as light as it could be but it’s still a really nice ride. Looking forward to clocking up a few kilometres on it. I’ll post build info as soon as I can on The Bike page in case anyone is interested.

Still trying to work out baggage options for the long rides, there seems to be so many different options and ideas. Some seem to travel ultra light others loaded up like a pack horse. Having done a fair bit of hiking over the years I’m going on similar requirements, about 65L of gear weighing around 20Kgs. The Ortlieb Back Roller panniers can carry 40 Litres which doesn’t seem to be to excessive but we’ll see how they go when I finally manage to get away, they’re also a handy size for doing a bit of light shopping. I couldn’t resist the Surly frame bag, it just seems to make sense to use the space for something. When real life settles down and I can finally get away we’ll see how it goes…


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