No Time To Ride…

wpid-20150308_094752.jpgWhen the spiders move in and start to take over the poor bike you know there hasn’t been enough riding going on, or posting on here for that matter. There hasn’t exactly been a lot to ramble on about. I have managed to get out a few times on a few bouncy tracks and get the blood flowing again. Which inherently has sparked a craving for an upgrade to something that can handle the more bumpy trails and funnily enough last years bikes are cheap at the moment as the new models are coming out in a few months.

In between all the chaos of real life I’ve been poking around on the internet at low budget squishy bikes. At the moment the Giant Reign are cheap, well compared to other bikes in it’s range and offers a reasonable bang for buck. On the other hand it may be a little overkill for the riding I do and at the moment the amount of riding I do. Would like to hear peoples opinions of this little beastie.

ReignCharcoalA bikes page has been added for anyone interested in the bikes I’m currently rolling around on. The poor Surly just doesn’t get out enough. Booked a week off from work to peddle my little heart out for a few days and didn’t manage to peddle anywhere. The renovations on the house which I thought would take a day ended up taking a week and most of the Easter break. Desperate to pack the panniers and peddle into nowhere for a while, hopefully once the house is sorted I can get back to clocking up some Kms.



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