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It’s shedding season!

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Two Horse Tack Blog

After a winter’s worth of growing coats worthy of wooly mammoths, our horses are finally shedding, and yours probably are too.

Luckily, we’ve figured out a few tips for helping the process go smoothly.

  • Horse-Shedding-BladeThe traditional rubber curry comb or grooming glove works well, but a metal shedding blade (when used gently) works even better for longer hair over the body. A grooming stone (actually made from fiberglass) is great for sensitive areas like legs and also helps remove bot eggs when needed.
  • Exercise increases bloodflow, which encourages shedding. Keeping your horse in regular work may help them let go of some hair.
  • If it’s especially warm in your part of the world, a body clip might be an option, but the horse’s coat will likely be dull until the spring coat grows in.
  • Making sure the horse has enough fatty acids in their diet is good for overall coat…

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Cleaning Tips: What to do about rust

A few tricks I’ll have to try…

Two Horse Tack Blog

Everyone’s trying to enjoy the last few days of nice weather with trail rides, horse shows, and clinics galore. On our way out of the tack room recently, one of us grabbed a spare lead rope for the trailer and was horrified to discover the snap had rusted shut. Gross.

Fortunately, there are a few natural remedies for rust on your tack. Of course, if you’re really clever, you can avoid the problem altogether by buying from our shop, where all our products come with no-rust guaranteed stainless steel hardware.

–Soak it in white vinegar and water for several hours or overnight before scrubbing. Using crumpled aluminum foil for the scrub will make this job easier.

–Go the margarita route! Sprinkle the affected area with salt and scrub with lime juice

–Make a paste of baking soda and water, and scrub the rusted area

–Use a potato–yes, a potato–cut it…

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Goin’ Bush…


Taking the kids bush, something I haven’t done for a while. I used to load up the car and just go, dragging one of the kids with me. This time they’re both coming so it should be awesome. The destination this time is Saltwater creek in the Ben Boyd NP. The attached photo is one of the locals which often hang around the camp sites hoping to pick up a few scaps. Continue reading

Horse Whisperer Video Review…

warwick schiller – The Hooking on Process


I recently came across a few videos by Warwick Schiller on YouTube that caught my attention so I thought I’d download one (for $10) and see what they’re about. Now I’m not all that wise in the training of horses but have worked with animals and one thing that seems to be prevalent with horse people is the attitude that if a horse doesn’t do what it’s supposed to you need to flog the crap out of it. Continue reading