Off Road Touring Build

surley ogre

I’ve been musing over the idea of building a tourer, an off road tourer. A Surly! A custom Surly! Based on the Ogre frame. Something to travel on, something that can be used to commute on, something that doesn’t look expensive that won’t get stolen from the local shopping centre. Something I can carry stuff on. Something I can go adventuring on! Continue reading

Mt Blackwood Trail


A disused 4wd track only used by hikers, cyclists and horse riders. The trail starts at the end of Swans Rd in Bacchus Marsh and runs along the ridge following the Lerderderg river for 12Kms ending at Mt Blackwood, hence the name. A great cardio workout at least for an old bloke like me. The loose rocky trail has plenty of ups and downs, nothing technical, just hills with a few white knuckle down hill runs.

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