Sooo Cool!!

I had to share this one, soooo cool! I think I’d be a bit nervous just walking this path.


The Wombat Track…


Amazing ride this morning! The wombat track was quite a challenging ride for an unfit old dude like me but definitely inspiring to train a little harder. Nestled in the bush just outside Woodend, Vic, it’s a beautiful location. I found it a little daunting when you see pieces of other peoples bikes beside the track. Continue reading

Goin’ Bush…


Taking the kids bush, something I haven’t done for a while. I used to load up the car and just go, dragging one of the kids with me. This time they’re both coming so it should be awesome. The destination this time is Saltwater creek in the Ben Boyd NP. The attached photo is one of the locals which often hang around the camp sites hoping to pick up a few scaps. Continue reading