It’s shedding season!

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After a winter’s worth of growing coats worthy of wooly mammoths, our horses are finally shedding, and yours probably are too.

Luckily, we’ve figured out a few tips for helping the process go smoothly.

  • Horse-Shedding-BladeThe traditional rubber curry comb or grooming glove works well, but a metal shedding blade (when used gently) works even better for longer hair over the body. A grooming stone (actually made from fiberglass) is great for sensitive areas like legs and also helps remove bot eggs when needed.
  • Exercise increases bloodflow, which encourages shedding. Keeping your horse in regular work may help them let go of some hair.
  • If it’s especially warm in your part of the world, a body clip might be an option, but the horse’s coat will likely be dull until the spring coat grows in.
  • Making sure the horse has enough fatty acids in their diet is good for overall coat…

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No Time To Ride…

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Construction complete….. Almost

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